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Quality Inn Carbondale ★★

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Ubicación. Situado en el corazón de Carbondale, este hotel está cerca de la Southern Illinois University. servicios Features.Recreational incluyen una piscina cubierta. Las comodidades adicionales incluyen servicio de lavandería. Las habitaciones. Hay 64 habitaciones en el Quality Inn Carbondale. Frigoríficos, microondas y cafetera / tetera se ofrecen. Los baños tienen secador de pelo. Además de las máquinas de fax, las habitaciones ofrecen los teléfonos con llamadas locales gratuitas. Televisores han películas de pago. Las habitaciones incluyen plancha y tabla de planchar. Las habitaciones son para no fumadores.

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Debbie S

18 sep 2013

This had to be the absolute worst hotel that my husband and I have ever stayed in! As soon as we pulled into the parking lot I was absolutely shocked at the lack of upkeep of the property. It looked like a dump. The people that hung out outside smoking & playing music raised eyebrows as well. Upon checking in to our room, the lack of cleanliness surprised me even more. Although they definitely had the deodorizers working because it smelled fresh in the building . . . . once you actually walked in, there was nothing fresh about the place. The hallway floor felt as if it was rotting out in spots. Very uneasy feeling walking over certain areas to get to the room. The room itself, again, smelled fresh but didn't even look that clean if you really looked. There was crap on the floor which obviously hadn't had a vacuum run on it. Between a bobby pin, a staple and other stuff. The bathroom floor had not only hair but small pieces of paper. Tub had hair in it as well. I questioned the place before I even left for the trip since I attempted calling the hotel 3 days prior to our arrival & until the day before we left because we needed to extend our stay a day, to NEVER have anyone ever answer the phone! Had to end up calling 800 number to add an additional day. Upon checking in at hotel, I was told I had 2 separate reservations. I explained that I only added an additional night onto my reservation & that I shouldn't have 2. He told me I had to call the 800 number to cancel one of the reservations because he couldn't, otherwise I would be charged for the 1 night of whichever reservation I wasn't checking in for. I immediately called the 800 number followed their procedure to investigate & receive the refund. Quality Inn itself agreed that I was entitled to said refund that it would be forthcoming. However, after 2 months I still hadn't received a refund on my credit card. I contacted the 800 number, they informed me that the hotel manager refused to issue me a refund for the charge but that they would cut me a check for the full amount. Mind you, we checked in & stayed 2 nights (instead of the original 1) and we paid in full upon checking out of that nasty hotel! To have the hotel itself refuse to issue me a credit for my original 1 night reservation is absorb! Quality Inn should do whatever it can to remove it's name or association with this hotel! Utter disgrace to the company!
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3.6 puntos


16 sep 2013

Checked into this place. A bit below average for a hotel as far as bedding,looks, cleanliness etc. Here for 2 days and its close to our job. Needed to print 1 page that had 5 words on it... No can do. No lobby computer or printer. Ok. Hey front desk guy can we email you this page and have you print it. "no its against company policy". Woke up today 9/16/2013. Went to front desk. We need to check out. I have to do business and I need to be able to print somethings. Asked front desk to get our bill together. Gave us a bill charging us for the both days. We asked for a bill that showed we checked out today 9/16. My wife and I were told that only a manager can do that and he will not be here till 3pm. Called back at 3pm. Same guy. Manager running late won't be here till 4pm. Called back 4:10pm. Lady. Manager is gone he works from ?? am till 3pm and left at 3pm. I said yall need to get your stories straight. I have been told 3 different stories. Lady gets angry demands I apologize and hangs up me. I decide to drive the 1/4 mile to dialog in person. Start talking to lady. New guy behind front desk keeps butting in. I say excuse me I am talking with her not you. Front desk guy demands I leave or he will call Carbondale police. I say go ahead what you gonna tell them I am doing ignoring you? I am calling the police. My wife and I say what ever and head toward the door. As we are walking out he is yelling at me Obama does not own this place, Obama does not own this property. I still do not know what he meant by that? Called Quality Inn customer service. They call the property. Customer service rep says they will not credit our Crd Card because there is not proof that we have checked out. There computer shows us as still checked in to the room. We say tell them to go knock and open the door. We are at the Holiday Inn up the street. Customer service rep comes back and says they refuse to go and check, only a manager can open the door to a room and he is not here.... So as of right now 9:55pm I am in the Holiday Inn Carbondale been here since 11am. My wife called the Quality Inn spoke with front desk and we she was told. You booked room for 2 days, we charge you for 2 days, how do we know you left? You booked a room for 2 days you pay for 2 days. Will try to update this story with out come.
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4.0 puntos

Cheryl S

07 ago 2013

It was the worst stay I have ever imaged. The hotel smelled, it was very dirty looking, the manager was rude and didn't care about my concerns. There were bugs in the room around the food. The toliet leeked. The roomed smelled like stale smoke and clorine. The attendant and manager were vary rude. The ac didn't even work
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27 may 2013

The hotel should be excluded from the Quality brand, no less! It started with the booking made on Nov. 9 last year, more than 5 months ago! The receptionist looked and looked, - but gave up eventually and made it look like he found it. He gave us a room on the 2nd. Floor. As I had explicitly asked for ground floor access in my online order, - he definitely did not find our order! The receptionist did not help us in any way like the receptionist at Rehoboth Beach who came out and asked us welcome and asked whether he could help us. Not so in Carbondale. Fortunately there was another guy on watch during the night. We were given a room with two separate beds, but on entering the corridor we smelled cigarette smoke. The room was #120 and had a view to a broken down caterpillar and some tubes of steel, rather rusty. The trees in the distant background are nice though. After having checked out the room, I went to get a luggage cart. The cart was so narrow that one part of one of the suitcases fell off all the time and the whole thing would not go through doors. On entering the room again it was dark, solemnly dark. A standing lamp was broken and gave no light. My wife is an platinum member of the Choice hotels chain and we usually book overnights online. I only wish I had read a review on Tripadvisor in advance. Then I would have driven for some more hours to find decent lodgings. We were rather tired by more than 7 hours in the car and gave up to find another hotel. You, however should do yourself a favour and never come here. The room was OK, but the rack for the towels was loose. It did not fall down like for another guest. The bath was clean. My wife lost a bar of soap on the floor and used o towel to clean up the foam. The towel got extremely dirty, almost to the level of filthy. Other visitors have reported filthy rooms and they turned out to be right. In the evening and night I could hear people running above and later others tapping water at 4 o'clock in the morning. It had that paper thin walls. The breakfast room was also a disappointment. The jam was so old that it differed in consistence. Some jams was tough, others was slushy. When you asked the old man behind the reception desk for assistance, - you were given a feeling of being in his way. The decent guy from the night-watch again came to our help before he bicycled away. The hot water was everything but hot and so was the coffee. The breakfast was a disaster, no less. The fitness room has been fitted into an old guestroom. The safe was there, likewise the washbasin, the loo however was locked and off limits to guests. There was water cooler, but it was empty. We did not look in the safe for towels? There was one dirty towel in the appropriate waste bin however. The security lock for the treadmill was missing and the guy on watch at the desk hadn't the foggiest idea where it could be. It turned out that a new magnetic key was in mail for another 14 days. The pleasant night attendant asked us to wait for his boss to come, but then we would have to wait for 30 minutes. There were other items that we could use however. Was there anything pleasing about this hotel? Yes, the rose-garden outside was nice, but as you know, - even they have thorns! Would I come back? Definitely not! Value for money? I would not even pay $ 15 for a night stay, it was that disgusting. The hotel should be excluded from the Quality brand, no less!
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22 abr 2013

The building was not as good as the other Quality Inns I have stayed at, which have been many. The towel rack fell off the wall the first evening we arrived, and was fixed two days later. The outer door leaked in a rain storm (it was a very big rain storm). The inside of the TV cabinet (in which my daughter played) gave her a contact rash (dermatitis) that went away after only a day or so. The ladder leading out of the pool was broken. The breakfast was good, but ran out quickly on the weekends, with slow refills. It was the same every day. I was there for a week, so it got old. Only once were the biscuits so tough that I couldn't bite into them.
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6.5 puntos


13 abr 2013

If at all possible , Do Not Stay here . There is Sooo much mold in the bathrooms ! Check out time is 11:00, housekeeping opened our door 5 times before 11:00 to see if we were gone ... Never again! It is in such a great location, but it is gross .
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4.5 puntos


11 mar 2013

I don't think I need to write the minimum 200 characters for this review. This is a very typical low end Indian owned hotel. It is in very poor condition. The carpet is gone, holes in the hallway floor, the rooms are filthy, service is rotten, breakfast is worse. Take your business to another hotel that appreciates a traveler..
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3.5 puntos


13 ene 2013

I travel to Carbondale often, and I will never stay here again. For the price (around $50), I expected a bit more. The service was horrible and the room was not acceptable. I made reservations online with my cc. When I arrived at 1am, the clerk told me that their computers were down, and stared at me as if he wanted me to leave. I had to persuade him to look at my printout and assign me a room. I asked about Wifi- I had some work to do before I went to sleep. Again- "Our computer is down." The next morning, I called about the Wifi password, (I thought the computer must be working at 8am) the clerk told me that I had to come down to the front desk to sign a reservation paper. I told him that I was still in my pajamas and that I would sign it when I am dressed. He demanded that I come down immediately. Of course, I refused, and he still insisted. (I didn't go down to sign his paper). The wifi service is spotty. wallpaper is tearing off the walls in the rooms and in the ha
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4.5 puntos


08 dic 2012

I picked this place because it was close to SIU and I was very satisfied for the room. Very clean rooms is a must for me and I will come back here and stay again. Breakfast and Pool is a great extra also.
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10 puntos


11 nov 2012

Hotel is in dire need of an update. It is basically a bedroom and nothing more. The carpeting is threadbare and the hallways are dark and dingy. Breakfast area is extremely limited. The front desk clerk was preoccupied with watching TV instead of servicing the customer.
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